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How to Clean Salt off Laminate Flooring: Winter Care Tips

Salt 3

Although our favorite groundhog, Punxsutawney Phil, predicts an early spring, we aren't completely out of the woods - or rather the road salt, sleet, mud and other byproducts of winter. In fact, even a brief encounter with the outdoors via a car seems enough to track salt inside the house and onto the floors. What to do? How to clean that pesky salt off laminate flooring?

You have two options.

1. Prevent road salt from making its way into your house and onto your laminate floors.

2. Be vigilant about keeping your laminate floor clean.

Prevent salt and grit from reaching your laminate floors!

One of the major issues with winter is what we ourselves track in via our shoes or boots: mud, snow, salt and grit, or a messy mixture that's hard to eliminate and sure to abrade the floor despite its high quality and sturdy laminate flooring wear layer.

The best solution is to have doormats both outside the door [think welcome mat] as well as inside your door. Do this for all of your doors that connect to the outside. Our Kronotex USA customer service experts recommend using good quality rubber backed floor mats.

To make the doormats even more effective and halt tracking grit and inside inside your home, consider laying down the law about shoes: take them off! That's right, request that any shoes worn outside need to be taken off at the door. Have indoor specific footwear that you use indoors.

Don't forget your four-legged friends! When you take your dog for a winter walk, chances are those paws will also track salt in. If that's the case - and your dog won't wear winter booties - be ready after the walk to wash your dog's paws in warm water, then dry them thoroughly.

Keep your laminate floors clean!

As far as keeping your laminate floor clean, regular vacuuming and sweeping will keep you ahead of the elements. Wipe pesky footprints and dirt with a damp cloth or use laminate flooring cleaner for tougher stains. Simply follow our laminate floor care and maintenance tips and download "Lovin' My Laminate Flooring Guide".

What tips have you come across to help keep winter salt and grit at bay, off your floors and away from your home?


Image credit: Salt 3 on Flickr.


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