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Kronotex FactoryKronotex USA, a division of Swiss Krono Group, began distribution in the United States in 2000 and later opened its current manufacturing facility in Barnwell, S.C., in 2005. Due to the growing popularity of our flooring, we invested $45 million in 2011 to expand this facility, almost doubling it in size to a 575,000 square-foot, state-of-the art laminate-flooring plant. The capacity of this plant now is 375 million square feet, making it the largest producer of laminate flooring in America.

planks coming off assembly lineAt Barnwell, we create virtually any style, shape, finish, texture, scrape, bevel, locking system, thickness, size and attached pad of laminate-flooring planks sold through distributors, dealers and chains nationwide. This amazing growth and our ability to supply the needs of the marketplace has earned us the nickname “The Quiet Giant” of laminate flooring that’s proudly made in the U.S.A.

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We are made in America.

Barnwell CourthouseOur modern plant in Barnwell is ideal for both accessing wood from sustainable-forest suppliers and shipping our flooring efficiently. All Kronotex USA management, marketing, design, sales and customer service are based here. This is important for a few reasons:

First, we are employing American workers to perform well-paying, highly skilled jobs. American workers craft some of the best products in the world. And because we make floors for families to live on — some floors carrying a lifetime warranty — we believe we need the best workers in the world to make the best floors in the world. Cheap laminate floors produced inthird-world countries simply don’t meet the quality standards Americans have come to expect… and might not meet our safety standards.

Second, we think it is important to support the American economy. After all, a healthy economy means more consumer-spending power. When consumers have jobs and can keep their families housed and fed, only then will they have extra money to spend redecorating their homes, and buying laminate flooring.

We urge all consumers to verify where the products they are buying were made, then to buy American. It means quality, safety, and for some it means a job!

We lead the industry in quality standards.

At Kronotex USA, our reputation is only as good as our last floor. That’s why we maintain quality-control testing on site and continually run spot checks on all our laminate-plank runs both out on the shop floor (where problems can be identified quickly) and using “destructive” testing in the lab.

Watch the the Kronotex USA laminate flooring tensile test

From raw materials to final packaging, our quality-control specialists work around the clock conducting a series of tests to make sure all Kronotex USA products are produced with the highest standards at every step.

Quality TestingWe test for color consistency, swelling, curing, abrasion resistance, bonding, and conduct many other inspections, measurements and evaluations. The result is a laminate floor of consistent durability and beauty with an overall customer-satisfaction rating of 99.5%. Our GREENGUARD certification ensures indoor air-quality compliance. All our products have wear, stain and fade warranties – some warranties are up to 30 years — and are guaranteed from manufacturer defects.


We make floors that are healthier for your home and the planet.

Our Greenguard Certification proves that there are many ways Kronotex USA laminate floors are a healthier floor for your home and the planet:GREENGUARD_SLIDER

  • Sustainable core – All of our laminate-flooring designs contain a wood-fiber core made with ecologically sustainable pine trees, allowing us to bring you the look and feel of exotic hardwoods without harming exotic or endangered species.
  • Efficient production – We are able to use almost every part of the tree when Kronotex USA laminate flooring is made, providing a more efficient manufacturing process.
  • No harsh chemicals needed – Kronotex USA laminate flooring requires very minimal maintenance and unlike hardwood, it will never need to be refinished. Regular sweeping and occasional damp mopping with our mild cleaning solution will keep your floor looking like new for years to come, with no need for harsh chemicals.
  • Simple installation – With our mechanical locking systems, Kronotex USA laminate floors install easily without the need for glue or nails. This simple installation process means fewer power tools are needed, which results in less energy use and less waste.
  • It’s here for the long haul – With warranties of 30 years or more, Kronotex USA laminate flooring is more durable than carpet or hardwood, and won’t have to be replaced nearly as often. This translates to less waste being sent to a landfill.
  • Low VOC inks – The decorative paper layer used in Kronotex USA laminate flooring is printed with water-based, low volatile organic compound inks, which are safer for consumers and the environment.
  • Responsible packaging – Kronotex USA laminate flooring cartons are made from recycled cardboard.

A few more things you should know about us:

  • We are members of NALFA, the North American Laminate Flooring Association. NALFA is the only trade association dedicated solely to the laminate-flooring industry.
  • We are ISO9001-2008 certified. ISO is an international group that develops rigorous standards with the help of experts around the world. Our certification means the we have products and services that are “safe, reliable and of good quality.” And that Kronotex USA has minimized errors and reduced waste.
  • We are members of the Composite Panel Association, which sets the standards for sustainable practices, testing and certification, and standards for our industry.