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Laminate Flooring Installation: Show me how...

How laminate flooring is made

Brad Young

Brad Young, Tech Expert, explains how a laminate floor plank is made.



Check out these helpful and informative laminate flooring videos...

Brad Video Taping 2 

Tour Kronotex USA's state-of-the-art laminate flooring manufacturing facility: 3 min. 57 sec.

laminate floor locking systems 

Learn about the different Kronotex USA laminate flooring locking systems: 4 min. 30 sec.

 Laminate Floor Burn Demonstration


Witness how Kronotex USA's laminate floor planks perform around fire: 1 min


And More!

Kronotex USA Featured Laminate Flooring:
The Beaufort Collection

The Beaufort Collection: Sacramento Pine

Inspired by the beautiful and historic coastal South Carolina city of the same name, we present this strikingly realistic collection of Sacramento Pine, Magona, Stable Oak, and Walnut patterns that perform exceptionally, thanks to its thick 12mm laminate plank construction.

Beaufort by Kronotex USA handles not only handles heavy loads like pianos or pool tables, it also goes down easy with our Express Clic System.

Click here to learn more about The Beaufort Collection of laminate flooring.

Know "The Three Ls" of Laminate
Flooring Installation
. A Kronotex exclusive.


Here’s a secret you won’t get anywhere else: it takes a great installation to have a great looking floor. Our own installation guru, Brad Young, has compiled his best advice in what he calls “The Three Ls of Laminate Flooring.” And in case you’re wondering, that stands for “Light,” “Length,” and “Levelness.”

According to Brad, if you don’t understand the three Ls, you may be disappointed with your new floor. You could say that’s one “L” of a piece of advice. Check it out!


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